Home Gym Equipment You Should Invest In

Home Gym Equipment You Should Invest In

I have been going in and out of the gym for months. To be honest, it’s daunting. While seeing more people exercise is inspiring, it is exhausting and stressful. So, I decided to build my home gym. I tell you what, it was not easy, too. Instead of extending my space, I just turned an empty room into a gym. And guess what, I cut unnecessary costs. Although if you want to build a home gym but don’t have the space to do so you could invest in a custom backyard shed from websites like this one https://www.modern-shed.com/sheds which will provide the perfect space for your home gym experience. Then, I began looking for the equipment I needed. Again, it was a confusing experience because there are multiple options to pick from. If you also decided to have your home gym and are a bit confused about different fitness equipment, here are some I recommend:


Yes, the first piece of equipment for your home gym is probably the treadmill. Treadmills come in different types, including hybrid treadmills, magnetic treadmills, and electric treadmills. The more efficient option is the hybrid treadmill. On the other hand, an electric treadmill is available with a panel developed to manage the drive gear’s speed, monitor distance, and keep track of your exercise time. How much does it cost? Well, it starts from $574. It is competitively priced, indeed. But before you stick to a brand, be sure to read reviews online for your peace of mind and safety. You might also want to get one of those fitness monitors (find more info by reading Fitbit luxe specifications) to see how far you’ve come in terms of step counts.

Yoga Mat

Yoga has become extremely popular over the past few decades. In 2020 alone, studies have found that approximately 55 million Americans practiced yoga. It is no surprise as mind and body exercise improves balance, relieves body pain, eases arthritis symptoms, leads to better sleep, and helps manage stress. What are the equipment or accessories you should invest in? Aside from a yoga mat, do not forget to buy straps, blankets, blocks, bolsters, chairs, meditation cushions, eye pillows, and more. When looking for a yoga mat, be sure you choose a brand that is well-padded. It should also be lightweight and comfortable to use. Plus, consider how it is made for your convenience.

Balance Ball

A balance ball is used for different purposes, making it a must-have fitness tool your home gym deserves. People utilized a balance ball to find their neutral spine position, learn proper posture, increase lumbar mobility, promote balance, boost back and abdominal muscle strength, and develop core strength. Those opting for yoga instead of normal fitness exercises, might want to consider the Yoga roller wheel. Similar to the balance ball, this wheel works on stretching the body and releasing tension. They also help in providing a solid counterbalance to the whole body. Therefore, when searching for a high-quality fitness ball, consider its size and your height. If your height ranges from 6′ to 6’7, a 75cm balance ball is for you. If you are 5’5″ or 5’11”, a 65cm fitness ball will be your best bet.


Another fitness equipment men and women enjoy is the kettlebell. What makes it popular is that it amplifies our power output, builds a strong grip, improves respiratory fitness, and minimizes overall training time. More than that, a kettlebell is an incredibly flexible fitness instrument. You can use it every time you make a sumo squat, swing, single-arm kettlebell row, triceps extension, kettlebell windmill, and reverse lunge. How much does it cost? On average, its price ranges from $48 to $59.99. But you can find some that are available at $30. Careful research can come into play.


If you have bought a kettlebell, a dumbbell comes next. Dumbbells are in high demand among athletes and other health enthusiasts because they can effectively increase the range of motion on any of our weight training exercises. You can have fixed or adjustable dumbbells. A fixed dumbbell is a sought-after option for many. It usually comes in pairs. It is also more convenient to balance. Alternatively, an adjustable dumbbell is a small barbell made with removable plates. Unlike the fixed one, adjustable dumbbells allow you to either increase or decrease your preferred weight. So, what’s your choice? Identify your needs before anything else.

Resistance Bands

A resistance band is one of the fitness tools or accessories people ignore. But do not underestimate a resistance band. It has a variety of uses. Athletes invest in a resistance band to build their strength, improve mobility, perform pull-ups, and more. Also, it is flexible. You can enjoy different exercises with a resistance band, including a one-arm biceps curl, flye, front squat, side-lying hip abduction, etc.

Now, what’s next? Add the equipment of your choice to your cart. Avoid cheap brands. Invest in something that is of great value!