Vaping: A Manufacturer’s and Health Professional’s Dream Solution

Vaping: A Manufacturer’s and Health Professional’s Dream Solution

Vaping has been adopted and engaged with the world over as a safer alternative to smoking. It can be seen as both a manufacturer’s and health professional’s dream because of the way the different flavours attract smokers to the alternative way of receiving essentially the same pleasure, only in a safer way. Manufacturers are benefitting from being able to come up with new flavours to keep their product alive, whereas doctors see vaping products as a way of keeping their patients alive. It is a no-lose situation from either perspective. It gets even better than that, because not only does the person vaping protect their health, compared to the effects that traditional smoking would have on it, they protect the health of others from what has previously termed passive smoking.

So, the next time we see the latest vaping cartridge being promoted either online or in a high street shop, we should consider just how many people are benefitting from this invention. If we are a smoker, we could be one of them. Our family and friends could also then benefit from our decision to switch to vaping.


Manufacturer’s POV

There are no limits to the different flavours that can be produced to fill the cartridges used inside e-cigarettes and various vaping devices. If you have a taste for it, then the chances are you can obtain it to vape with. Manufacturers will not only be mindful of the favourite flavours but also with keeping the vaporizer’s popularity by continually introducing new flavours, so that no user can become tired with the device and ever think of reverting to traditional tobacco smoking. This dream device needs to be appreciated.

Cigarettes were introduced to the United States in the early part of the 19th century after tobacco had mainly been used in pipes and cigars, as well as chewed as snuff. When they were introduced, nobody understood the dangers to health, so people were free to smoke wherever they liked. The federal tax imposed on cigarettes in 1864 was not to deter people from smoking, by making cigarettes more expensive to buy, but solely to earn an income for the government.

However, now that we do know how smoking traditional cigarettes, with a tip or not, can increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, we should act on it and look towards vaping as the alternative.


Health Professional POV

Considering that last point above, it is worth exploring just how many health conditions are caused by smoking. The impact is that smoking increases hospitalizations and the number of cases a health professional sees coming through their door. Cases where the health condition has been self-inflicted, and with the knowledge of today, could easily have been prevented in many cases.

The health conditions often caused by smoking include, in addition to lung cancer and heart disease already mentioned, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), stroke, diabetes, premature and low weight babies where mothers smoke, and asthma. Also, smoking the traditional way can cause blindness or vision loss because age-related macular degeneration has been linked to smoking. Apart from the risks of lung cancer, smoking has also been attributed to other cancers such as cervix, colon, liver, pancreatic, and stomach cancer. It is a worrying list for those still smoking that have not discovered vaping as the alternative.

Smoking can cause and only make worse any condition where breathing is a struggle. COPD, for instance, is a lung disease that makes it hard for a sufferer to breathe. Often, to such an extent that the person will require supplementary oxygen to make life remotely comfortable and carry on functioning. Through studying this list alone, it is worth considering quitting smoking, when you think about what might happen. It is certainly not a list to dismiss and then regret later. It has been a dream solution that vaping has been invented so that the harmful chemical produced by smoking tobacco in cigarettes is eliminated.


The Juxtaposition

To think about manufacturing and health together, the link is between attracting smokers over to vaping. So, the more familiar or exciting flavours manufacturers can come up with, the more smokers they can attract to switch and see profits grow. Health professionals will only advise against smoking. It is for individuals to decide to switch to vaping as a healthier alternative.


So, there is much to think about here, and the good news is that there is a way that can improve the health of current smokers in the long term.