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If you want to find beautiful landscapes, then you are spoilt for choice as to where to visit in the world. So, this article will just focus our lens on a few of them, whether it be a specific region or just a country that is known for having many beautiful landscapes.   Gower Peninsula (Swansea, Wales) In 1956, the Gower Peninsula, which is southwest of Wales, became the first area within the United Kingdom to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Gower Peninsula projects westward into the Bristol Channel and is geographically the most westerly part of the county of Glamorgan. The peninsula, which starts at the Mumbles, is 19 miles long. The stretch of coastline from Rhossili Bay to Pwl Du is a sight to beyond. The location is one that walkers and surfers alike hold in high regard as a tourist spot.   Nepal…

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Outdoor Photography

Have you noticed that the quality of photos taken indoors is never the same as those produced outside? Outdoor and indoor photography are two different shooting styles, and they come with their own principles, challenges, and benefits. For this matter, many photographers prefer to specialize in one type to play to their strengths. We are passionate about shooting landscapes to bring out its natural beauty with particular angles and shutter speeds. We are also comfortable creating spectacular footage from the indoor world. In our projects, we have discovered the pros and cons of both styles of shooting. Indoor Photography A studio set up allows us to have complete reign over the environment. One of the aspects we can control fully is the lighting aspect. Suppose your venue is a meeting hall. We can shoot more natural photographs than in a studio set-up. Still, a hall offers a controlled environment that…

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