The World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes

The World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes

If you want to find beautiful landscapes, then you are spoilt for choice as to where to visit in the world. So, this article will just focus our lens on a few of them, whether it be a specific region or just a country that is known for having many beautiful landscapes.


Gower Peninsula (Swansea, Wales)

In 1956, the Gower Peninsula, which is southwest of Wales, became the first area within the United Kingdom to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Gower Peninsula projects westward into the Bristol Channel and is geographically the most westerly part of the county of Glamorgan. The peninsula, which starts at the Mumbles, is 19 miles long. The stretch of coastline from Rhossili Bay to Pwl Du is a sight to beyond. The location is one that walkers and surfers alike hold in high regard as a tourist spot.



Nepal is not known as “the hiking capital of the world” for nothing. It is because of the surreal and breathtaking views that can be experienced while on foot in this part of the world. As a bonus, it is also a very cheap country to visit. So, if you are into views and fresh air, and do not want to spend a fortune experiencing it, then Nepal is the country for you.



As a geologically diverse country, Iceland has plenty to offer those interested in seeing beautiful landscapes. The country is volcanically active, for instance. This all creates a scenery that we would want to capture with the longest lens we could get our hands-on. It is a visual treat for any holidaymaker looking to see something that they would just not see back home. It is not every country that has volcanos to see. Then, when you want to relax from all that sightseeing, Iceland can offer you their pleasurable pastime of relaxing in its mineral-rich hot springs that will soothe your mind and body. Who would not want to experience such waters while on holiday? A holiday like this is one to remember fondly.


Fairy Chimneys (Turkey)

If you are looking for a magical landscape, then you only have to travel to Turkey. In central Anatolia in Turkey, on a high plateau, magic is staring you in the face. The chimneys that you can see, though, have been formed from a geological process that began millions of years ago. This was when volcanic eruptions would rain ash across, which would, over time, become Turkey. The ash has hardened into tough, porous rock, which is now layered with basalt. It is a spectacle to see and fascinating to think how old the rocks are.


Norway’s Nothern Lights

Hikers find Norway the equivalent of paradise, wherever that is. Norway is a country that you might visit to explore fjords and glaciers. Also, you can experience the Northern Lights, which is an experience talked about the world over. From August, you can observe the end of the midnight sun, and if you are lucky, begin to see the start of what can only be described as a dancing light show. More technically, it is called Aurora Borealis. More commonly, it is referred to as Northern Lights, Southern Lights, or Polar Lights. Whatever you refer to it as, it is a natural display of lights in the Earth’s sky. It can mainly be seen in the high-latitude regions. Auroras are the product of disturbances in the magnetosphere which result from the solar wind. Interestingly, the Northern Lights can be found on cave paintings and be seen from space. They are certainly something to add to your travel list.


In conclusion, beautiful landscapes exist whenever you visit a country, except for the Northern Lists which are seasonal. It is always nice to add a few more landscapes to the photo album.