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Folks, I must admit that working out is typically a personal task. Yes, I say it is personal because each of us has their own approach to exercising. While some of us view exercise as an opportunity to be alone (think yoga), other people exercise to socialize. Some of us have an Aventon electric bike in our garage which we can use for getting around as well as exercise, some of us like to hit the gym and be around others. Whether we choose to exercise as individuals or in a group, each of these approaches comes with its own perks. Thus, we cannot say that individual exercise is better than group exercise or vice versa. To help you better appreciate the unresolved debate of individual vs. group exercise, let us look at each’s advantages. Due to limited space, I will restrict myself to just two benefits for each, which…

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The hunt for complementary treatment modalities has been nothing short of ludicrous. Over the last few decades, there has been a mushrooming of alternative wellness programs. However, when it comes to wholesome body health, fewer methods can offer what yoga brings on board. Studies continue to link yoga to self-healing and overall body health maintenance. In this article, I detail the reasons why yoga is a basic necessity for our bodies. Yoga Explained The word yoga can loosely be described as that which brings people to reality. Unknown to some of us, it is a body-and-mind practice that has been used for more than 5,000 years. It’s addictive and can easily be integrated into people’s hectic daily lives. Yoga combines meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation, and physical postures to bring treatment to both our physical and spiritual body. Here are the valuable benefits of yoga to the body. Reduces Stress Physical…

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Metabolism on Health

A healthy body results in a healthy mind is a popular saying. People often exercise well and eat balanced diets to see positive results in terms of health, as they’re the two most natural and certified methods to keep your health in check. But there’s often an underlooked factor that can impact health and that is metabolism. Metabolism of each and every person varies and is usually dependant on various factors like diet, exercise, genetics, and individual lifestyles. Hence for comprehensive planning around personal fitness knowing about your metabolism can be very helpful. In scientific terms, metabolism refers to the complex process our bodies utilize to convert food and oxygen we consume into energy, if you go now to this site, you can see ways in which scientists can study metabolic rates. Which in turn enables the body to function normally. By figuring out your own metabolic type, it is…

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