Four Reasons Why Travelling is Good for Your Mental Health

Four Reasons Why Travelling is Good for Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that many of us experience. As a result, we look to find ways to combat it, to fight it. Medical treatments prescribed by a doctor can help, but equally there are other ways to improve how you see the world. The world, of course, being your own when there is a wider one to explore.

Travelling is said to broaden the mind and relax the soul, especially when staying in a beautiful villa such as those you can find from Exceptional Villas. Travelling can also be said to help with depression. We shall explore some different ways that go some way to proving this theory.

  1. Travelling, before we even go anywhere, improves the mood in providing us with something to look forward to. A new place that we know is not going to relate to the life that we are living at this moment, that has perhaps become mundane and predictable. Simply because each day we are in that same environment and doing pretty much the same thing. To have the opportunity to visit somewhere else automatically becomes the escapism that we desire.
  2. Depending on the type of holiday you choose, travel can be relaxing. If you are not driving yourself, then you can enjoy the views whilst someone else takes care of that. If you are travelling by air, you can do the same. You can hire private airplane charters and embark on a relaxing journey far from the crowd. Not only can you skip the packed security checks but also choose your own boarding time. That’s it! Once you have boarded the jet, you can let your mind wander whilst looking through the window. You will find that there is another world out there different from the one that has been entrapping you, for as many weeks as it was since your last holiday. A tip for relaxing on the journey to your destination, or when travelling because it is part of the holiday, would be to consider neck support. To pack light, you will need to consider one that is inflatable and ends up quite small when not being used. Then, so that you can use it again, ensure it is machine washable. If you feel anxious about the journey to your destination, remember that anxiety is only temporary, momentary, and because of your holiday, you will feel anything but depressed.
  3. Sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries. In the case of a human, to disconnect the thoughts of our mind, to then rewire them on our return to work, with everything re-wired so that we attack the days ahead with renewed energy. While there are many different ways people escape from the stresses of modern life, such as using cannabis products from sites like, travel is perhaps the best. Spending a few days lounging on a beach or experiencing a new culture will boost your energy and you can return home ready to take on any challenge.
  4. After experiencing the holiday, we will have something new to talk to others about on our return. As Bob Hoskins said on the telephone-themed advert that he starred in for BT: “It’s Good to Talk”. And if you’ve been on a road trip using camper van rental iceland located or something similar, then you will definitely have some really incredible things to talk about. Talking is said to lead to something known as a “catharsis”. This is defined as a feeling of relief. Travel, in leading to talking, releases the charged feelings that lie within us and makes them less charged. Nothing has changed that may have resulted in our suffering before the holiday yet talking to someone about our holiday has drained away at least some of the pain from before and resulted in much relief.

In summary, the mere thought of travelling to a different place should improve your mood, and then on the way to it, allow you to relax before even your holiday has really begun. Whilst on your holiday, you will then have this opportunity to free your mind of anything that is worrying you. Then, as the final part of the travelling process your mental health should improve by filling your mind with many pleasant thoughts about your holiday that you can repeat.

To continue the memory of your holiday, and further aid your mental health, you have two choices – remember vividly whatever it was that you enjoyed about your time away, or have taken some photographs so that you cannot fail to remember those happy moments you experienced. If you decide on photographs, look at them whenever you feel sad or down to remind you of that happy space you found yourself in. Or simply recall those images to make your memories permanent in the present moment.