Impact of Metabolism on Health

Impact of Metabolism on Health

A healthy body results in a healthy mind is a popular saying. People often exercise well and eat balanced diets to see positive results in terms of health, as they’re the two most natural and certified methods to keep your health in check. But there’s often an underlooked factor that can impact health and that is metabolism. Metabolism of each and every person varies and is usually dependant on various factors like diet, exercise, genetics, and individual lifestyles. Hence for comprehensive planning around personal fitness knowing about your metabolism can be very helpful.

In scientific terms, metabolism refers to the complex process our bodies utilize to convert food and oxygen we consume into energy, if you go now to this site, you can see ways in which scientists can study metabolic rates. Which in turn enables the body to function normally. By figuring out your own metabolic type, it is possible to customize your lifestyle, diet and exercise to take maximum advantage.

Main Types

There are primarily 3 types of metabolism types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. These are big words you don’t normally hear in everyday conversations, so many people are unaware of it. But knowing them can help you incorporate an appropriate plan in the long run provide knowledge about how to process when it comes to weight gain and loss. Weight is one of the most visible factors directly influenced by a person’s metabolism as the rate at which your body can convert food into energy affects the body’s ability to gain or lose weight heavily.

It’s not a strict criterion to go by as many people can fall into more than just one of the categories, but it acts as a good guide to categorize our bodies into narrower aspects and work on them from there.


People who fall into this category tend to have a skinny body or smaller frame with light joints. They also have a fast metabolism, meaning they can eat a lot in a short amount of time without gaining weight. Ectomorphs feel hungrier often hence smaller but more frequent meals are advised rather than bigger and far apart meals. They also tend to be less muscular, hence to gain weight or build lean mass, a strength workout becomes quite necessary, and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle will be beneficial in the long run. The rate of metabolism is the fastest in this body type


Mesomorphs are the middle of the pack when it comes to metabolic body types, taking a bit from either of two categories. Mesomorphs typically have medium-sized stature, are athletic, and can build muscles easily. Unfortunately, this means they can also build fat easily so have to take care when it comes to overeating. Cutting carb intake and exercising can help curb the build-up of fat in the body. People with this body have a more rectangular shape and broad shoulders. The rate of metabolism is somewhere in between.


Endomorphs typically have a bigger bone structure and overall better at storing fat and nutrients than the other two types. The stature of the body tends to be more round and larger with thicker arms and legs. It is harder for them to lose weight, hence physical activity or regular exercise becomes necessary to lose body fat. The rate of metabolism is the slowest in this body type which results in food taking longer to get digested.05

Training, along with good nutrition can change the appearance of the body regardless of the metabolic type(s) you fit into. The ability of the body to handle carbohydrates is also greatly improved with exercise for anyone, hence exercise is the single most important factor when it comes to improving general health and well-being.