Two Secrets to Holistic Health Revealed

Two Secrets to Holistic Health Revealed

What’s Holistic Health All About?

Most people associate holistic health with alternative medicine. I am not here to teach you herbal drugs, acupuncture needles, or new treatment methods. I want you to have an open mind. Think about improving your life and general health. An important thing to note is that wellness is not simply the absence of physical pain or disease. Physical health and mental health are in complete accord. They co-exist such that if one suffers, the other follows suit. Check out 2 important practices we should incorporate into our daily life to embrace holistic health.


Feed the Stomach Without Forgetting the Brain!

Holistic health should be our lifestyle and not just how we eat. There are countless diets to choose from. But determining the foods we can enjoy fully without depriving our body of vital nutrients is not easy. The good news is that if we perceive our bodies holistically, finding the right diet will be much easier.


The brain and the gut are important organs of our human body. We must feed them properly to feel and look your absolute best. Poor gut health can potentially reduce immunity and lead to unexplained inflammations. Did you know that the digestive system hosts around 100 trillion hormones and microorganisms which directly or indirectly affect our cognitive functions?


What if we commit ourselves to whole and nutritious meals? We can improve both the body and mind. That is why brain and gut experts recommend such foods as broccoli, leafy vegetables, pineapples, beetroots, celery, bone broth, and salmon to regulate the immune system. These foods also have a positive impact on the treatment of inflammations while keeping acne, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease at bay. Since sugar is the biggest inflammation culprit, it is of utmost importance that we monitor the daily intake, not to mention minimizing fried foods, alcohol, and dairy products in your diet.


Breathe and Stretch

I see gym and yoga classes in every corner of the nearest town. Many fitness enthusiasts are turning to yoga for good reasons. The benefits of stretching range from better moods and high energy levels to flexibility and muscle strength. Stretching and bending need to go hand in hand with the breathing pattern. Any movement that works out the muscle helps to burn calories. There are countless physical activities I can do whether at home or a gym. So I never give any excuse for living a sedentary lifestyle. From jogging, dancing, swimming, to lifting weights, there’s a lot to choose from.


Staying active provides both physical and mental benefits. We can live longer if we embrace this. What’s more, workouts increase the level of endorphins in the blood. These compounds are known to give good feelings and can minimize the perception of pain. We all know that stress is inevitable. The level of anxiety varies from one individual to another. Whether stress paralyzes me or inspires my progress is a matter of how I handle the feeling.


Want to stay positive no matter what? Practice gratitude. I know it’s really hard to be grateful when someone angers you or when your business fails. I have found this tactic to work for me: I jot down at least 3 things that make me happy whenever I see the sun rising. That is how I first learnt to practice gratitude. Then my first 25 minutes of waking up time are strictly for meditation. I walk around in a quiet place. I think about the people who love me and what I love about them. As I meditate, I connect to my breathing patterns through yoga. This has a way of connecting my soul to what I truly desire.


Do you believe that good health is more than just taking care of your physical body? If yes, then you are already a scholar in my school of holistic healthy living! You are holistically healthy when your body, mind, and soul are performing in their optimal conditions.