Monthly Archives: February 2022

The task of maintaining safety with medical equipment like ventilators, MRI machines, bandages, syringes, and syringe needles is faced by many at all levels of health care. As a nurse and a health educator, I’ve seen just how quickly patient safety can be compromised. I’ve had numerous instances of a bandage not sticking or getting wrapped around the wrong part of the patient, leading to an unsafe situation. It’s scary, but I’ve learned the importance of many basic precautions, from the basics of gauze, tape, and needle safety to how to handle latex allergies. When an individual suffers a serious injury, they want to know that the equipment they are using is working to its full potential. However, some of this equipment may be a little outdated or may not be completely capable of performing at its best. For example, if the MRI machine fails to function properly due to…

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