Monthly Archives: November 2020

Clean Water Daily

Our bodies comprise about 60% water. What’s even more interesting is that 90% of our blood is water. This only shows how important the latter is for our well-being. A few years ago, I only drank water when I felt like I had to; in most cases, when I was thirsty. Things have changed for me today. I know all the benefits that come with drinking half a gallon of clean water every day, and I want to enjoy them. So if you have been going through life without a water bottle on you to keep you hydrated then maybe now is the time to get one for yourself. You can go online to websites like or go into your local store and pick up one that you can keep with you always to keep you hydrated and healthy. See below how drinking water can help you. Increased Energy…

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Staying Fit

I have been working as a programmer for the last decade or so. My job is giving me great satisfaction at professional level, but on the other hand, sitting for long hours in front of a computer may have its drawbacks. A couple of years ago, I realized that I was starting to have an annoying back pain, especially at night. Also, I was slowly starting to gain weight. Slowly, but relentlessly. Then, about a year ago, at the end of a long code writing session, I experienced double vision. It only lasted about three hours, but it was enough to wake me up and take conscience that I could no longer live this kind of sedentary life. My lifestyle was taking its toll, and my body was starting to send me signals that something was wrong. After seeking professional help for my eyes and back, I started to adjust…

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Intermittent Fasting

Fitness, weight control, and general appearance have become almost like an obsession for many people worldwide. We all aim to look our best either for health or personal reasons. Further, fitness is one approach that allows me to look and feel confident. While we all want to look good, the fitness journey is characterized by myths, concerns, and recommendations that can be quite intimidating and confusing for those looking to embark on this journey. Notably, intermittent fasting has been a recent trend in the fitness world. Over the years, I have witnessed many people take up intermittent fasting to lose weight and control portions consumed. As a technique that has been adopted by many fitness enthusiasts and taken over the industry, we are interested in understanding what it entails. How does it work? How does it help us achieve our fitness goals? Here is everything we need to know about…

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