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Personality Shift

Between our teenage and adult years, we all go through a range of changes – unfortunate haircuts, jobs and relationships come and go. But what about who you are at your core? As you grow older, does your personality change? Personality is the pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours unique to a person. People tend to think of personality as an aspect of a person that is unchanging. But according to psychologists, that is not how it works. “Personality is a developmental phenomenon. It is not just a static thing that you are stuck with and cannot get over,” an expert psychologist says. That is not to say that you are a different person each and every day. In the short term, change can be nearly imperceptible, according to a study that surveyed the personalities of participants regularly over many years. This suggest suggests that our personality is actually fairly…

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Never Gain Weight

It is one of life’s great injustices, some people must be extremely careful about what they eat in order to maintain a healthy weight, while others can eat all the deep fried food they like and see no dramatic shift in their weight. So how does this work? What are they doing that you are not? There is not a straightforward answer to this question, nutrition experts say, “There is genetic, nutritional, and even behavioural factors involved,”. Apparently, the extent to which each of those factors come into play in any given individual will vary. One of the most critical factors has little to do with body type, metabolism, or performing a spell during a full moon. It is perception. Many people appear to eat whatever they like without gaining weight are not actually eating more than the rest of us, experts note. For example, your friend who eats ice…

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Physical Training for Travel

So, what do you have with you when you are travelling? Your trusty phone or laptop (if you believe in workcations, that is) with the best vpns for iphone and Mac, your backpack, clothes, sunscreen and of course, medicines! But, what about yourself? Do you give your fitness a thought when you decide on your trip itinerary? Traveling can take its tole on the human body even if you do not plan on climbing huge peaks or even just intend to wander around cities you will feel the burn. This is especially present if you are visiting countries that have climates you are not used too. I am talking about hot and cold weather. This is why today I am going to talk to you about how you can physically prepare for demanding trips. Cardio Training Cardio training is probably one of the most important aspects of your physical health…

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Metabolism on Health

A healthy body results in a healthy mind is a popular saying. People often exercise well and eat balanced diets to see positive results in terms of health, as they’re the two most natural and certified methods to keep your health in check. But there’s often an underlooked factor that can impact health and that is metabolism. Metabolism of each and every person varies and is usually dependant on various factors like diet, exercise, genetics, and individual lifestyles. Hence for comprehensive planning around personal fitness knowing about your metabolism can be very helpful. In scientific terms, metabolism refers to the complex process our bodies utilize to convert food and oxygen we consume into energy, if you go now to this site, you can see ways in which scientists can study metabolic rates. Which in turn enables the body to function normally. By figuring out your own metabolic type, it is…

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